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Simple Literature Book Club, an option for Teachers and Home-School Parents

Welcome to the Simple Literature Book Club. We work with publishers to create
a great resource for Teachers and Home-School Parents to use with their students. 

How does the book club work?

The Simple Literature Book Club is set up to make parents aware of quality reading materials for their children from many different publishers. In addition, Simple Literature is a means for teachers and home-school co-ops to raise money for their classrooms.

The book club flyers cover many genres and age levels. The Simple Literature Picture Book Club flyer is a mix of picture and board books. The Simple Literature Middle Grade Book Club focuses on books for 8- to 12-year-olds. The Simple Literature Stuff-to-Do Book Club flyer holds games, puzzles, and crafts. The Simple Literature Book Club for Christian Schools concentrates on materials from a biblical worldview. 

How do you use the flyer?

There are many ways to use the Simple Literature Book Club flyer with your students. First, download the flyer. Then

PRINT the flyer and give it to your students to bring home and show their parents.

EMAIL the flyer to your students’ parents so they can view the books with their children.

POST the PDF flyer in your online classroom for students to view with their parents.

SEND the link to the book club flyer to parents or post the link to the flyer in your online classroom. 

Cash for Your Class

Teachers and home-school co-ops can make a small percentage from the books purchased to use for books and resources for their classrooms. To do this, apply for an associate or affiliate link with Amazon and You can find the directions for applying with each online bookstore through these informative videos:

Create an Amazon Associate Link

Once you have an associate or affiliate link and the parents of your students use it, a percentage of anything the parents of your students buy will go to your account. Then you can use the money for books or supplies for your classroom or co-op. 

Create a Link

A tip from other teachers and administrators: Any money you make through the affiliate or associate link must be included in your income tax. But then you may also include the same amount you spend of your personal money on supplies and books for your classroom. That’s where these two numbers will cancel themselves out. Simple Literature tip: Make sure you run this teacher-shared suggestion by your accountant or the person who prepares your income taxes. This tip is not meant as tax advice. 

Contact the Simple Literature Book Club

Use this form to ask questions or respond to the Simple Literature Book Club. (The message area can hold a lot more than it appears.) 

If you need the Simple Literature Book Club flyer immediately, download it right now at Simple Literature Book Club.

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What is my affiliate link for parents to use?

You can apply for an Amazon Associate link at You can apply for a associate link at All you need to receive affiliate/associate links is a web page. Teachers have their classroom web pages, and homeschool parents have their co-op web pages.

The Simple Literature Book Club does not take any money from books purchased through these two online bookstores. We want all percentages from them to go directly to your classroom. You benefit by getting the full percentage amount from books purchased by parents of students in your classroom, and parents benefit by being able to buy books for the least amount at these bookstores.

The affiliate/associate application does take a few days to process. But then you should be set to go.

How often are the book club flyers available?

The Simple Literature Book Club releases two book club flyers each month from September through mid-November. They resume in mid-January and take a two-week hiatus around spring break. The flyers end in mid-May. Occasionally, there will be a special flyer that is released in December for the holidays and one in May for the summer.

Can I get a past book club flyer?

A link to the most recent book club flyer for each genre of flyer is found on the main Simple Literature Book Club page.

How do teachers and homeschool co-ops use their affiliate/associate links?

Some teachers use a single link on their classroom web page for parents to use. The link gives the teacher credit for whatever is purchased in a single session with these online bookstores. Others have a single link for their whole school, and money received from purchases is split between all the classrooms. How you use these links is up to you. 

How can I be sent alerts when a new flyer is available?

When you download a book club flyer, you will be notified when the next flyer is available through that platform.