Simple Literature

Reading, Writing, and Project-Based Curriculum



READ – and -WRITE Rebuses include longer rebus stories or multiple rebuses,
along with an opportunity to write about the topic presented. 

Landing on the Moon cover
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Landing on the Moon

Brave Robert Smalls Cover
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Brave Robert Smalls

Cover for the Fox and the Crow and Other Fables
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Brave Robert Smalls

This informational text rebus helps students learn more about the first moon landing, which happened in  the summer of 1969.

During the Civil War, Robert Smalls and his friends took a steamship from the Confederate navy and gave it to the Union navy. 

Get three fables: “The Fox and the Crow.” “The Crow and the Pitcher.” and “The Fox and the Grapes” in this download.

Cover of Theodore Roosevelt and the Christmas Tree
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Theodore Roosevelt and the Christmas Tree

Christmas Goblins cover
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Christmas Goblins

Learn how a Christmas tree found its way into the White House during President Theodore Roosevelt’s second Christmas at the White House. 

This READ-and-WRITE rebus is about imaginary Christmas Goblins who protect Christmas tree ornaments during the night.

CLUES – in – CONTEXT Rebuses  offer students the opportunity to place words in a one-page rebus through context.
They also include curriculum that covers activities, writing, and assessment focused on the person, story, or topic of the rebus.

Cover of Inventors Rebus Bundle

Inventors Rebus Bundle

Cover for Montgolfier brothers and balloon flight

 Montgolfier Brothers: Balloon Flight


Thomas L. Jennings & Stain Removal

Students can learn about a handful of inventors through rebuses, writing prompts, worksheets, and assessments.

Learn more about the adventures of the Montgolfier Brothers who were the first to invent balloon flight for humans.

Thomas L. Jennings was the first African American in the United States to receive an official U.S. patent.

Cover for Thomas Edison and his light bulb

Thomas Edison & His Light Bulb

Cover of James Watt and his steam engine

James Watt & His Steam Engine

Cover for Einsteing and his theories

Albert Einstein and His Theories

Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb but he did improve it so many people would be able to use it.

James Watt didn’t invent the steam engine but he did improve it, which started the Industrial Revolution.

Albert Einstein was a scientist who came up with many theories that helped the world.

Cover for Achilles Heel - A Greek Myth

Achilles –
A Greek Myth


The Trojan Horse – A Greek Myth


– Fall Holiday

This Greek myth is where we get the idiom “Achilles heel.” You’ll get the rebus and a short story for students to compare  the myth.

This Greek myths gives us the idioms “Trojan Horse,” “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” and “the face that launched a thousand ships”

Learn how Thanksgiving traveled a long road to eventually became a national holiday in the United States.

Rebuses Only

What Is Impeachment Rebus
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What Is Impeachment?

Students can learn more about their government by reading a rebus that explains a checks-and-balance procedure: impeachment and conviction.

The Golden Touch Rebus and The Chocolate Touch Cover
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“The Golden Touch” Rebus & The Chocolate Touch – Student Edition

“The Golden Touch” Rebus is broken into five parts that align with the novel study of The Chocolate Touch, a modern-day retelling of the Greek myth.